Why Setting Up Your Company In Andorra Is A Good Decision?

The taxation system in Andorra is beneficial for both companies and individuals. The tax system of this country also attracts large international companies. The principality of the company is not only beneficial for global businesses but also SMEs. With a corporate tax rate of just 10%, this country offers the lowest indirect taxes and income rates in Europe.

But before going into the details on the tax or fiscal advantages that Andorra offers as jurisdiction, it is necessary to make a point on the extraordinary beauty. This is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe in different aspects. This is true for the population that combines multiple cultures like French, Spanish, and Portuguese along with the local Andorran culture. So, if you are planning to choose Andorra as your tax or business residence and want to know


How Many Taxes are Paid in Andorra, then here are a Few Things that You Must Know?


Low tax jurisdiction: Andorra is one of the European countries with little income tax rate (5-10%) and corporate tax rates (2-10%). Besides, it also has the lowest VAT or sales tax across Europe with 4.5%. There is no inheritance tax and the social security contributions are also the lowest in Europe. And to enjoy all these tax benefits, you just have to work with the best Andorran tax agency.


100% open for the businesses: Andorra encourages both company formations and foreign investment. The residences are facilitated for the directors of the companies along with the opening of the businesses in Andorra.


Great infrastructure and living standard: The per capita income in Andorra is among the highest in the European continent. Besides, Andorra also has a great multilingual educational system, a great healthcare system, and high-speed fiber-optic internet.


So, it is obvious that the tax burden in Andorra in the form of personal and business taxes in Andorra is must lower compared to the tax rates of other countries like France and Spain. So, if you choose to set up your company in Andorra or want to have a tax residency, or want to work in this country, you will enjoy some great tax benefits.

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